Showing Off

One of the reasons I find writing so difficult is that I don’t like showing off.  I always wonder if there’s some long forgotten incident from my childhood where I was showing off and the whole room laughed. I don’t recall anything, but I have a deep distaste that means I don’t like asking for attention.

So far I haven’t promoted this blog in any real way.  I’ve told one person.  He suggested I tweet the posts when they went up, since I have a few Twitter followers.  I quickly agreed – that sounded like the right thing to do if I wanted to get more people reading.

Of course I haven’t.  Right now I’m focussing on writing.  Maybe once I get past the fear of blogging I can work on the fear of promoting.

As a guy who runs a business, I don’t do nearly as much work talking myself up as other business owners do.  Maybe we would grow faster as a company if I did, but despite being a huge extrovert, I suddenly turn bashful when it comes time to brag a little.

We certainly have lots to brag about.  We build cool products, do good work, have a reasonably sustainable business, etc.  I’m living the dream, but I’m fighting my instincts right now – I want to go back and delete that last sentence so badly.

For today, I’m leaving it here.  And for today, that’s enough.