Good Laughs

Tonight’s open mic was good, except they had to cut the last three people off the list because it was running over time.  All three of the last comics were women too, which meant the show ended up being 15+ men and 2 women.  One of the women who got cut is one of my favourite comics in Vic too, so it sucks that she didn’t get the stage time.

The ‘Cake in Nova Scotia’ set is really starting to come together.  It got decent laughs last night and tonight.  I don’t know if it’s good yet, but people are laughing where they’re supposed to, and I’ve been smoothing out the ‘maybe they’ll laugh?’ moments so that they’re predictable.  The biggest laugh in the whole set isn’t where I expect it to be, but it’s consistent, so I’ll move it to the end for next week and see what happens.

I’m still having trouble memorizing my set.  I don’t know if it’s just because I keep tweaking and changing things, but I feel completely unconfident going up on stage without a set list, and when I’ve got a set list I tend to lean on it way too hard.  Maybe it’s time to go up without a set list and see how badly I bomb.